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Jaysean and Journey were pushed into each other's orbit by their best friends' marriage. Their encounters were mere tolerances, filled with undercurrents of disdain. Then Jaysean convinces Journey to go on a trip, just the two.


What starts as a steamy escapade quickly transforms into Jaysean proving to a resistant Journey that their potential stretches far beyond a passionate adventure. However, as their story unfolds, their connection proves to be much more profound and what he’s felt and acknowledged for a while. He will no longer allow her to ignore.


As emotions crash against their pent-up desires, Jaysean is determined to convince Journey that they are destined for each other. Amidst countless revelations, they bare their souls, hoping against hope for acceptance. Uniting their most intimate secrets, will they surrender to a love that will forever change their lives?

Onyx Desires

Shipping to start in May 2024
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