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Some choose loyalty and some choose love, or can they coexist?
An encounter by blunder brings Bodhi Dorsey and Lyriq Walker together. The meeting forces Bodhi to see Lyriq as he never has before and in that instance, he knows that his life has been altered forever.
Lyriq never considered larger than life, arrogant Bodhi, BD, as everyone calls him a possible suitor until he insists on righting a wrong caused by said arrogance. She falls hard, fast, and deep.
Now that he has her attention, he does all that he can to make her dreams come true. Utilizing his familial ties, he assists in providing a lucrative life for him and Lyriq that eventually forces a life-altering decision.
He promises Lyriq that his past is done, and their life together is his focus and priority. But loyalty as does blood runs deep, and the pull of the past is not easy to resist. `
When loyalty challenges love, bullets fly, as Bodhi straddles that fine line, forcing him to choose.

Loyalty & Love

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