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Imani & Zander

The streets and sidewalks are bustling with groups, couples, and singles such as myself seeking the most arousing place for Orlando nightlife. Despite it being, October the weather is balmy and warm and the outfits reflect the weather. I shake my head and note my confidence because these young ladies are letting it all hangout.

I am strutting my 5 feet, 8-inch, 235 lbs. frame down the sidewalk sporting a pair of fitted gold sequined pants with a black leather tuxedo strip going down the outside of each leg, a black cropped top that hugs my triple d’s and dips low in a v showing a generous amount of cleavage with a gold necklace to accessorize that is lost in between them. My make-up is not overdone but noticeable and my long micro-locks are braided up into a neat side ponytail. The ensemble is completed with strappy leather platform sandals and a small leather clutch big enough for my phone and a few other essentials. So, despite not being model-sized there is no doubt that I am turning heads. I hear the “Pssst,” “Hey beautiful,” and notice the second looks of men and women. Amidst my thoughts “I say girl at 40 you’ve still got it!!!”

I approach the nightspot I am looking for and fish out my pass and walk up to the velvet rope, flash my pass, and am waved in with “You have a great evening, Gorgeous,” from the security guy. I smile and impishly say “Thanks.” I enter the club and immediately notice the blast of chilly air after the humid outside, the glass wall to my right that showcases a staircase leading to the VIP level. Bodies are everywhere in front of me. They are bumping and laughing, and the mixture of perfumes and colognes mixed with alcohol only adds to the atmosphere that is charged with good vibes, loud music, and strong liquor. I turn towards the VIP and flash my pass and am waved through to VIP. I climb the stairs slowly and notice the plush cream leather sofas in VIP and a large round bar in the center of the floor with bodies bumping on the miniature dance floor though not nearly as many downstairs. I make my way to the bar and order a drink as I perch on a stool. I look around and notice that the surroundings are nice.

As I continue to scan the room I see him looking at me. I offer a small polite smile and continue to scan the club as I sip my drink. He wastes no time and begins to walk towards me. He’s about 6ft a dark chocolate brown brother, with a low fade, in a pair of blue slacks, black button-down shirt with a brown tie, belt, and shoes. He has an easy nice smile, full lips, and bedroom eyes. His salt and pepper goatee is neat and as he gets closer he smells amazing. He sits his drink down and reaches out his hand and says, “Hi I’m Zander but everyone calls me Z.” I return the shake and say, “Nice to meet you Z, I’m Imani.”

He tentatively takes a seat beside me and we fall into easy conversation. We discuss music, the attire of the other patrons, drinks, and that this is our first time at this spot and we are both on a weekend getaway. We dance to some songs laughing as we pull out old school moves not bothering to attempt the new ones. We even dance to a few slow songs. He has me laughing continuously and again he smells so good and feels so amazing as we dance close. He holds me just right and he feels so good. After a slow dance, I decide I am ready to call it a night, but he offers to walk with me back to the hotel and I agree. We walk and talk comfortably and end up sitting in the lobby talking for two more hours. We sit close on a love seat and brush each other a few times as we talk, I wonder if he feels the heat as I do. I stand and stretch and say I am calling it a night. He asks to ride the elevator up with me and walks me to my door. He waits quietly and patiently as I get my key from my clutch and I look up at him and he is looking me directly in my eyes, cups my face and leans in for a kiss.

Our lips connect. His smell, his touch, and his lips I can’t decide which to focus on. His lips. They are soft and have just the right amount of moisture and pressure. His breath smells of mint with a hint of brown liquor. And his hands begin to slide down and brush my neck, then they are on my shoulders, kneading slightly as they continue to travel down my arms and then he is easing me backward and my back hits my hotel door and his hands are around my waist holding me close to him. We kiss for I don’t know how long but we both gasp as we pull apart trying to catch our breath. He looks me in my eyes and eases the key card from my grasp. Never taking his gaze from mine he swipes the card and the door clicks, he pushes the door handle down, the door opens. He walks me backward into the room. Our lips connect again.

The kiss is deeper this time. The air in the room is cool and smells of the lemon, peppermint, coconut oil scrub I use to keep my caramel skin smooth and supple. I catch a glimpse of us as we pass the closet and the mirror. Our lips and tongues never stop their tango and the back of my legs hit the bed. Z’s hands are now caressing my not so flat midsection and mine are interlocked around his neck. We are kissing and moaning and caressing and I drop my clutch.

His hands are igniting every single piece of exposed skin and it begins to become unbearable. I begin to kick off my shoes and move my hands to the front of his shirt to his buttons and tie. I have an urge to return the favor of caressing his midsection. His tie is off, and I feel him reach into his pocket. Soft music begins to play on his phone and he tosses it on the bed. I am halfway down unbuttoning his shirt when his fingers inch up and graze my nipple through my bra. It causes a sudden intake of breath followed by a moan and I continue to fumble with the buttons of his shirt.

I struggle to ease the shirt off his broad shoulders and he shrugs to help me. His shirt and tie are on the floor and my shirt soon follows. He is now standing and gazing at me and points to the bed. I sit and lay back. He reaches around my waist and I lift my hips and he eases the sequined pants down my legs. He smiles down at me and shakes his head as he realizes I have gone commando. He unfastens his belt and pants and they drop to the floor. He then removes his boxer briefs and stands there. Our eyes connect. I lower my gaze and stare at his big, beautiful, brown dick. My mouth waters and my pussy thumps. He points towards the pillows at the head of the bed and I turn and crawl on all fours to the head of the XL king-size bed. I make sure to exaggerate the motions of my vast round ass and spread my legs as I lay on my back so that he can see my wetness. I am not disappointed as I hear his sharp intake of breath.

He crawls up beside me and kisses me, hard on the lips. He then licks his way to my breasts and pulls one of my triple Ds over the top of my bra and begins to greedily suck my nipple. I moan and writhe and begin to rub my clit. He quickly grabs my hand as I moan loudly in frustration and he sucks my juices from my fingers, drops my hand, and proceeds to snatch my other breast over the top of my bra and latch on to that nipple as if it is his meal. I moan and lift my pelvis high, drop, and then cross my legs in hopes of creating some tension that can relieve the throbbing between my thighs. His hands snake their way down my arm and grab my fingers and bring them to his massive meat. I am stroking him, and he begins to pump into my hand and moans. His hand finds its way into my dripping heat and I cry out in relief almost climaxing. He is thumbing my clit as he slightly inserts two fingers and I am going to lose it. He rolls over and gets on his knees and in between my legs. He continues to finger me and is looking at me with hooded eyes and an intense gaze. I nod yes to his unspoken question. He pushes my legs apart and eases my knees towards my breast. His large dick hovers at my intimate entrance and he leans over and kisses me. Then he slides in.

My eyes go wide and we both moan loudly. He stays still and waits for me to adjust to him. I begin squeezing him with my inner muscles and he slides in deeper. All the way in and I swear I can feel him in my womb. He eases out, pauses, looks me in my eyes, kisses me, and slams into me. I cry out and he moans, “You are so wet!” We begin our rhythmic dance. He is giving long, deep, powerful thrusts and I am panting and giving as good as I get. He inches over to the right taking me with him and now I am on my side and he has not missed a stroke. I moan and cry out as does he because this is a different sensation. I feel his dick twitch inside of me and look at him and can tell that he is holding back for me. He is saying how good I feel, and I counter with how hard his dick is. He reaches up and twists and pinches my nipples and then spreads my legs. One on his shoulder and one on the bed and begins to dig deeper and stroke my clit. My breath catches, and I feel the burning sensations start.

The stars begin to come into my vision and I feel the flood and I am screaming my thighs are wet and Z leans over sucks a nipple into his mouth and growls, “Mani, shit!” and comes inside me.

After a few shutters and after-shocks, we both settle to the other side of the bed. I am lying on my side and he has his head on my hip with his arm across my abdomen possessively. We can see the sun coming up and we both drift off to sleep.

A few hours later I awake to the buzzing of a cellphone on my ankle. I sit up to grab it recalling Z throwing it there in a haste to get me naked in the dark hours of the morning and smile. I pick it up and look at the screen. He is facing the opposite way, but we are close because we are sharing a pillow. I slide my finger across the screen to the green phone to answer the call while rubbing his back. “Good morning!” I say into his phone.

“Hi, Mommy and Daddy!” I hear as I place it on speaker.

My husband stirs awake kisses me and we greet our children and let them know we will be home later that day.

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